The Marigold Mermaid Edit

About The Marigold Mermaid: Edit

Game Description ~ "This redolent beauty puckers her lips in a pout when she's left alone. Clown and goldfish steer clear of her, as she's made a habit of using them as earrings."

Traits: Edit

The Marigold Mermaid, is a 2 coloured trait mermaid.

Her traits are: Yellow & White

How To Call In The Singing Summit: Edit

Call for the Marigold Mermaid using the:

Citrine Mermaid & Opal Mermaid

The singing time is 3hrs and the Arriving time is 3hrs.

Rarity: Edit

The Marigold Mermaid is common, but is not extremely easy to obtain, it may take a couple tries.

Gallery: Edit

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